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Edwin Jackson

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Washington Nationals pitcher Edwin Jackson Jr. has been traded many times, but at least he’s used to moving. After all, he’s a military brat.

In the Washington Post, the pitcher’s father, Jackson Sr., compares baseball and the Army: “I loved where I was at, but the military said you had to leave. Baseball is a business just like the Army.”

Jackson Jr. seems to take these trades in stride: “I mean, I can’t be worried about something I can’t control…If anybody wants to trade me and that’s the route they feel is best for their organization, so be it. I’ll just say, ‘Thank you for the opportunity I had to play here,’ and take my journey somewhere else.”

Maybe that’s what helps military brats deal with constant change–viewing life as a journey that was never meant to be static; an adventure filled with both walks and strike-outs.