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I’ve decided to do a short blog segment just for fun…a weekly mention of a well-known musician, actor/actress, writer, or politician who happens to be a military brat. It’s interesting to think about how a military childhood may have shaped a person’s artistic or political career. And since I’m a writer, I thought we’d start off with a writer. 🙂

Cover of "The Great Santini: A Novel"

There probably isn’t a writer out there more influenced by military brat life than Pat Conroy, New York Times bestselling author of novels such as The Prince of Tides, The Great Santini, and The Lords of Discipline. Conroy was born in Atlanta, GA to a U.S. Marine officer and moved 23 times before he was 18 years old! He’s also spoken out on the ‘invisibility’ of military brat subculture and the unique challenges these kids face.

“We spent our entire childhoods in the service of our country, and no one even knew we were there.”

The Great Santini in particular–and its film adaptation–most reflects Conroy’s upbringing, with an almost comically stereotypical “military dad” who was  based on Conroy’s own father.

If you’re a brat, would you say military life pushed you to excel and–as the Colonel so eloquently puts it–“chew nails while other kids are sucking cotton candy”? 🙂 Or was there a darker side to this “best and brightest” achievement mentality?