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One of my favorite T-shirts as a little kid had a globe on the front, along with the phrase: “Army Brats Go Places!” While there are probably a few locations we’d rather the military not send us, Army life can definitely take you to some amazing spots.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany—an alpine resort town and a popular “R&R” destination for American soldiers and their families—is one of those places. My family was never stationed in Garmisch, but I had the opportunity to live there later on as a Department of Defense employee for one blissful year. Reading this NY Times article made me quite Garmisch-sick. So what exactly do I miss?

I miss the quaint winter scenery, hikes to castle ruins in spring, the turquoise waters of Eibsee in summer, and golden afternoon bike rides in fall. I miss cow staus and angry old men in Lederhosen, warm Apfelstrudel and beer that’s cheaper than water. I miss the simple lifestyle, the constant adventures, and a community of likeminded travelers to share it all with.

What memories or ‘misses’ do you have of Garmisch?