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Posted: December 6, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This heartbreaking video by Jonah Mowry has received a lot of media attention over the past few days. Bullying is certainly nothing new—there have been bullies as long as there have been schools. Yet studies show that bullying has grown more intense and complicated in recent years, largely due to the added element of “cyber bullying” made possible by social networking sites and texting—mediums far more difficult for the Hall Monitor to police.

According to Army Times, 1 in 4 U.S. school kids is regularly bullied and military kids are especially susceptible due to frequent moves and a constant “new kid” status, plus the added stress and fear associated with one or both parents being deployed to a war zone.  Jonah’s video also points to the specific problem of bullying directed at gay teens, resulting in a number of tragic suicides every year. The power of Jonah’s words and tears are that they’re universal. Everyone must pass through the brutal gauntlet that is adolescence, but few people would ever want to go back that stage of life—regardless if you were the Prom King or a band-geek.

Dealing with the emotional, hormone-crazed, identity search that makes up those awkward teenage years is difficult enough without the added trauma of bullying now capable of following teens far beyond the schoolyard. Thank you, Jonah, for being brave enough to post such a raw message and moving cry for tolerance. It has already touched millions.