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Rothenburg, Germany

Do you hate the question “where are you from?” Are your closest childhood friends spread all across the globe?Do you get the itch to move somewhere new after living in one place for approximately two or three years? Would people describe you as adventurous, independent, and resilient?

Then this blog is for YOU–military brats young and old!

My name is Ashlee Cowles and I created this website because I know there are thousands of other military brats out there who have lived the ups and downs of this exceptional and at times, overwhelmingly difficult, lifestyle.

The Brat Life has a lot of perks. After spending the first 18 years of my life  living on Army posts around the world–from Hawaiian paradise to the Bavarian Alps–I still haven’t “recovered” from an insatiable need to see the world. My closest friends are other military brats I’ve stayed in contact with over the years. When I went away to college in a state where I knew no one, the adjustment was no big deal thanks to the “skills”  I’d acquired from my unique upbringing.

Yet this transient lifestyle has its downsides too. Every brat knows the heartbreak of saying goodbye to friends after only a few years (or maybe even months!), or the disconnect of never quite feeling like you have a “home.” Even more serious are the fears and challenges that come with long deployments and parental absences.

Because the Brat Life is such a wonderful, terrifying, intense, heartbreaking adventure, about a year ago I decided to write a Young Adult novel that highlighted the experiences and emotions thousands of military brats go through each day…or can recall in vivid detail years later.

What’s the story about? Here’s a taste!


Lily Adams hates  being the new kid. Unfortunately, that status pretty much sums up her life. Only this time, Uncle Sam has gone too far. Lily has already been to five schools in six states in fifteen years, and now her dad gets stationed in Germany. This may mean no driver’s license until she’s eighteen, but moving overseas is nothing unusual for a lifelong “army brat.” What makes Lily really strange is that she’s a Traveler…as in Time Traveler.

All Lily wants to do is survive her sophomore year in a boring country of sauerkraut and leather overalls. A few friends would be nice, but when Lily meets her oddball neighbor, Nik—a half-German kid whose after-school activity happens to be traversing through history with a secret society of Time Travelers—she gets way more friendship than she bargained for. After a Halloween dare in the village cemetery ends in disaster, Lily and Nik travel back to Romania in the year 1462 to rescue their school’s biggest snob, Katelyn Abeya. This is the last person on earth Lily wants to get stuck with in the Middle Ages…except for maybe Vlad “the Impaler,” Katelyn’s stake-happy captor! Lily and Nik quickly discover that the real count Dracula is way scarier than the myth, making this one history lesson they won’t soon forget.

Okay, so Lily isn’t your average Army Brat. Not only does she live in Europe, she Time Travels in Europe. Perhaps the one thing that would make an overseas PCS even better! 🙂

Whether we’re discussing Lily’s story or your own, I hope this site connects you to other readers, writers, and explorers who know BRAT is one military acronym that will never leave them!