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My Young Adult time travel series, TIME KEEPERS, is represented by Irene Goodman of the Irene Goodman Literary Agency. This is an unpublished manuscript, but Irene is actively pursuing publication. Please see www.ashleecowles.com for more details and stay tuned!

TIME KEEPERS, Book 1: Ticking Fate

Think moving to foreign country is hard? Try a whole different time period.

Lily Adams hates being the new kid, but that status pretty much sums up her life. Only this time, Uncle Sam has gone too far. Lily has already been to five schools in fifteen years, and now her dad gets stationed in Germany. Living overseas is nothing unusual for an “army brat,” but what makes Lily strange is that she’s a Traveler…as in Time Traveler.

All Lily wants to do is survive her sophomore year in a boring country of sauerkraut and leather overalls. A few friends would be nice, but when Lily meets her oddball neighbor, Nik—a half-German kid whose after-school activity happens to be traversing through history with a secret society of Time Travelers—she gets way more than she bargained for. After a Halloween dare in the village cemetery ends in disaster, Lily and Nik must travel back to 1462 Romania in order to rescue their school’s biggest snob. Katelyn is the last person  Lily wants to get stuck with in the past…except for maybe Vlad “the Impaler,” her stake-happy captor! Lily and Nik quickly discover that the real count Dracula is far more terrifying than the myth, making this one history lesson they won’t soon forget.

  1. Andrea says:

    Congrats, Ashlee! This is amazing! I can’t wait to read your book and to carry it in my school library!

  2. Cindy Cannon says:

    Hi Ashlee,
    I was looking for a book for Tommy to read for his English class “free time” and I immediately thought of you. I wish you were already published because I would have bought the book immediately.

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