Welcome to THE BRAT LIFE!

Uncle Sam I want you

Image by daryl.williams via Flickr

Do you hate the question “where are you from?” Are your closest childhood friends scattered all across the globe?Do you get the itch to move somewhere new after living in one place for two or three years? Would people describe you as adventurous, independent, and resilient?

Then this blog is for YOU–military brats young and old!

My name is Ashlee Cowles and I created this website because I know there are thousands of other military brats out there who have lived the ups and downs of this exceptional and, at times, overwhelmingly difficult lifestyle.

The Brat Life has a lot of perks. After spending the first 18 years of my life living on Army posts around the world–from Hawaiian paradise to the Bavarian Alps–I still haven’t “recovered” from an insatiable need to see the world. My closest friends are other military brats I’ve stayed in close contact with over the years (even before Facebook!). When I went away to college in a state where I did not know a soul, the adjustment was no big deal thanks to the “skills” I’d acquired from my unique upbringing.

Yet this transient lifestyle has its downsides too. Uncle Sam recruited our parents–not us–causing many brats to feel like their future is out of their control. We’re also familiar with the heartbreak the comes from saying goodbye to friends after only a few years (or maybe even months), as well as the disconnect of never quite feeling like you have a “home.” Even more serious are the fears and challenges that result from parental absences and long deployments.

Because the Brat Life is such a wonderful, terrifying, intense, heartbreaking adventure,  I decided to write a Young Adult novel that highlighted the experiences and emotions thousands of military brats go through each day…or can still recall in vivid detail years later.

So what’s the story about? Check out the Writing Projects page or my website: www.ashleecowles.com

Whether we’re discussing fictional stories or real life ones, I hope this site connects you to other readers, writers, and explorers who know BRAT is one military acronym that will never leave them!


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