One of my favorite T-shirts as a little kid had a globe on the front, along with the phrase: “Army Brats Go Places!” While there are probably a few locations we’d rather the military not send us, Army life can definitely take you to some amazing spots.

Garmisch-Partenkirchen, Germany—an alpine resort town and a popular “R&R” destination for American soldiers and their families—is one of those places. My family was never stationed in Garmisch, but I had the opportunity to live there later on as a Department of Defense employee for one blissful year. Reading this NY Times article made me quite Garmisch-sick. So what exactly do I miss?

I miss the quaint winter scenery, hikes to castle ruins in spring, the turquoise waters of Eibsee in summer, and golden afternoon bike rides in fall. I miss cow staus and angry old men in Lederhosen, warm Apfelstrudel and beer that’s cheaper than water. I miss the simple lifestyle, the constant adventures, and a community of likeminded travelers to share it all with.

What memories or ‘misses’ do you have of Garmisch?

  1. Lea Anne says:

    Skiing in a blizzard, the chair lift incident, and someone crashing into a pole…another wonderful Forced Family Fun memory!!!

  2. Adrianne Hanson says:

    I spent a lovely summer at the Goethe Institute in Murnau am Staffelsee (just down the road from Garmisch). We would take classes all morning. Then, in the afternoons we would take our lunch to the lake where we would eat and swim for the rest of the afternoon. Then it was the discoteque all night. Needless to say, we didn’t do much homework that summer. I did take a train to Garmisch one day with two friends. We had a lovely meal in a typical German restaurant (jagerschnitzel with spaetzle) and got very drunk on a bottle of Hungarian wine. I think we scared a few kids on the train on the way home.

  3. erin aka eef says:

    I didn’t know you had a blog! I miss… a lot. Beautiful mountains, things to do everyday (and people to do them with), going to the Eibsee, fun nights drinking, wandering around town, and hiking on the mountains!

  4. Aunt Tanya says:

    My favorite memory is our vacation at Edelweiss with my husband and our kids after his return from a year long deployment. It was the first time downhill skiing for all of us and we had great time!

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