Brat of the Week: Sunny Anderson

Posted: February 20, 2012 in Uncategorized
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My sister brought another successful Brat to my attention–Food Network personality and chef, Sunny Anderson. Born in New Orleans, Sunny traveled the world as an Army brat, and claims her passion for cuisine came from her parents encouraging her to try the local food wherever they were stationed. Through a career with the Air Force, Sunny became an award-winning radio host before joining the Food Network in 2005.

While we’re on the topic of food…what’s your favorite cuisine from your brat upbringing or other international travels? I regularly get cravings for German potato salad and apple strudel!

  1. hailstorm27 says:

    Apfelschorle! (I make it at home but its just not the same!). I get the oddest cravings for Kahlua Pork sometimes. Also, in Hawaii there were these dried/dehydrated plums, You sucked on the pit and they were sour…does anyone know what i am talking about, i loved those! All German food really, especially the baked goods. I will say as a kid I ate and liked most everything. That trait translated seamlessly into my adulthood. Hooray for trying new foods! Sunny Anderson has a pretty decent recipe for a Germanish style potato salad with a twist. You can see her brats roots show through! yum yum good:

  2. Aunt Tanya says:


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