BRATS: Our Journey Home

Posted: January 30, 2012 in Uncategorized
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I came across this documentary on military brats–Brats: Our Journey Home. I’m looking forward to watching the entire thing, but here’s the trailer in the meantime!

A fellow blogger and military mom has a great post about resources for children struggling with military brat life: Advocating for Our Military Brats

I think getting access to the stories of other “brats” who have experienced a similar upbringing is another great resource for kids currently going through it. That’s why I find books and film so helpful–stories give us meaning, and there’s nothing quite as meaningful as hearing another’s story that could very well be your own.

  1. Aunt Tanya says:

    I totally agree. Whenever we have moved our children to a new place and they prepared to enter another unfamiliar school they would search out the military students. They knew that there would be an easy connection and a silent understanding of what military brats experience.

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